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My childhood heroes


At Down on the farm's instigation i have decided to compile a list of those who brightened up my childhood years and made the late '80s and early '90s the best period in history.

Noel Edmonds

A contentious one to start off with, Some say that noel was just an unfunny prick who stayed on air long after he should've been axed but not I. Anyone who was prepared to kill a man in the name of entertainment has to be celebrated.

Pat Sharp

This may be another unusual choice however I actually quite liked funhouse! I admit this without embaressment and would also add that the fact that he was clearly bonking the twins helps too.


Rolf Harris

I think i'm a bit safer with this one. Everyone loves rolf, he's like the ultimate lovable uncle and he's not faded away like others on the list.

Paul Daniels

Ok ok i'll admit it, paul daniels is an utter twat, but i used to love the guy. I had his magic set and everything. Sadly I sat on the wand and got a splinter in my arse. His tv show was great though.

Su Pollard

Now to be honest i don't know why i like Su so much (aside from her being sex on legs) as she never seemed to do anything, she just existed in a state of semi celebrity. Never the less she has remained with me and earned herself a place in the list.

Trev and Simon

when i was younger i honestly believed that these two were the funniest men ever to grace god's earth. To an extent i still do and am happy to wander around shouting "We don't do duvets!" at the top of my voice. The disapproving looks i get from strangers only seem to encourage me.




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