Editing banner text

Step 1 - What is the right font?

On banners and posters you will usually find that people use a slightly more exotic variety of fonts that are not usually identifiable on sight. To this end a rather ace tool exists callsed WhatTheFont it is largely self explanatory and easy to use if your image is large enough. This is not 100% accurate, and does not have every font in the world programmed into it, it should however give you a selection to work from.

Step 2 - Replicating the banner

So many text manipulations are used in banner design that i could never hope to list them all here. In time i will add some tutorials on a few text effects that you may wish to use but by googling you will almost certainly be able to find other people who have written them.

Also, rather than type in new text you may find it easier to assemble letters from the old. You needn't have all of the letters to do this, E's are easily converted to F's, B's to P's etc. This is how i did the lettering for this image:

As you can see it coul have benefitted from more work; but the shop itself wasn't one of my best.

I apologise for the sparcity of this tutorial, I couldn't think of a lot to say on the subject, i will provide further information on specific text effects as they i write it.





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