Animation in animation shop is certainly easy, if a little basic.

you have two main options; the first is to use animation shop's rather basic draw/paint functions to create an animation; the second is to create frames in PSP. This is entirely up to you however PSP will give you far more powerful editing functions at the expense of increasing your workload.

If you decide to work solely in animation shop:

you can copy/paste images into the animation and use view > onionskin to smooth frame transitions but fundamentally you must paint each frame in turn, adding frames using the animation > insert frames command.

If you decide to create frames in PSP and move them across to animation shop

You have far more control over how you make the document, the way i would favour would be to create a layered document in paintshop pro, containing all the elements you will use in your animation. I would then amnipulate these elements into position for each frame and save the image as a static BMP file. After saving all of these files you can use the animation wizard tool in aniamtion shop to add them together to form your animated gif.

in either case, it is important that you optimise your gif, for information on doing so, see here.





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